Alcohol Products – Distillation & Maceration

LGB’s subsidiary Australian Boutique Spirits produces its beverages from its 1,900 square meter facility. The factory can produce in excess of four million annual cases of spirits, liqueurs and RTD beverages incorporating state of the art distillation, maceration, blending and bottling systems. ABS has key personnel dedicated to new innovations and has developed several first to market beverage innovations.

Functional Beverages

Lifestyle Global Brands via its US subsidiary Health Group has innovated new formulations and recipes in first of its type functional beverages including but not limited to brewed beverages with active ingredients, carbonated beverages macerated with active ingredients and first of their type nutraceutical beverage.

Lexaria Bioscience -- Technology

Lexaria has developed its disruptive DehydraTECH™ technology that promotes healthier administration methods, lower overall dosing and higher effectiveness of ingestible drugs and other beneficial molecules. Lifestyle Global Brands is proud to utilize the DehydraTECH™ technology in its functional beverage line.

Proprietary Formulations

The seasoned Lifestyle Global Brands team has designed proprietary systems for extractions, flavor enhancement, and blending of beverages. These systems allow for proprietary formulations that maximize the consumer experience. These product formulations are first class and are at the forefront of innovation for their respective beverage categories.

Best in Class Manufacturing

Lifestyle Global Brands via its subsidiaries and management team has over 40 years’ experience in building and launching state of the art manufacturing sites facility around the globe in various licensed environments. These manufacturing sites have the ability to produce millions of units of the high-quality products that we offer with world class standards in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Our core competencies in these facilities center around but are not limited to, extraction, distillation, maceration, blending, beverage bottling, beverage canning, doy-pouch, bulk IBC’s, bag-in-box, fermentation, brewing charcoal filtration, and force carbonation. Our innovation in processes and solutions allow us to deliver on strategies for large scale manufacturing of a variety of products in the beverage alcohol and functional beverage space.