Elegance Vodka

Elegance Vodka represents a luxury drinking experience. Every element of this experience has been crafted for your gratification. From our bespoke packaging, our innovative yet disruptive brand, to our craft small batch vodka, we have designed this experience to take you on a journey of Elegance with every sip. Global distribution strategy and launch planned for October 2019.

Life Brew CBD

Life Brew is a GLOBAL FIRST, beer style beverage set to disrupt the consumption of beer. Our IPA style malt and hops’ brew is crafted with an infusion of organic 25mg CBD. With only 30 calories per 12 oz bottle, no yeast or fermentation was used to manufacture our Life Brew yet the final product is hard to differ from a real IPA. With fast onset and rapid offset times, our brand is a game changer in how CBD infused beer will be consumed. Life Brew is designed for Healthy wellness in your favorite beer like product.

Australian Bitters

Hand crafted in small batches, our flagship bitters is rapidly growing around the globe. Found in bars and retailers in all parts of the world, we are actively creating the revival of cocktail culture. Australian Bitters’ range of seven quality bitters flavors are a perfect mix of bitters for your bar.

Australis Gin

Styled after a Classic London Dry, the Australis also uses ingredients unique to Australia. The gin’s distinctive flavor includes juniper, coriander, and cardamom, as well as unique native herbs that provide a light, spicy flavor.

VO|CO Coconut Water and Vodka

VO|CO is the World’s first “Ready to Drink” Vodka & Coconut Water Cocktail. We have blended a premium triple distilled Vodka with Pure Coconut Water, to create the perfect cocktail in a can.

Health CBD Water

Through extensive research and development over the course of several years, Health CBD Water, has been formulated using a proprietary blend of 8 wellness herbs and organic CBD, blended together to create a High PH water that tastes pure, is colorless, is odorless and can be consumed as part of your daily diet and wellness program.

Opal Coffee Liqueur

Sweet and rich, Opal is the perfect coffee-flavored mixer.